"I'm Looking for a Few Ideal  Students Who Are Serious About Becoming Consistently Profitable
in Their Trading"
"If that’s you, then we’ll work one-on-one to help you master the market, cut your learning curve in half and trade with 10 times greater confidence..."

It Has Helped Change My Life!

"I am writing this letter to emphasize that I really appreciate the One-On-One Training; it was an Absolute Bargain! At the very least, it totally focused my analysis of the market; at best, it has helped Change My Life!"

Dave G. – TX
Why Trading Concepts Protégé Program is the Quickest Way to Confident Trading and More Consistent Profits
If you get accepted into the NEW Trading Concepts Protégé program, here’s how it works:
First, you and I get on the phone and go over how you’re trading today…

=> What are your objectives?
=> What markets do you like to trade?
=> Where do you feel you need help?
=> What do you want to achieve moving forward?
Once we determine these initial “stepping stones,” I pair you with a handpicked mentor who helps you put in place a comprehensive trading plan that matches your …
  • Lifestyle
  • Income goals and
  • Risk tolerance
The fact is …
You could be just a few minor tweaks away from doubling, tripling and even quadrupling your trading income.
You just have to know what to fix and where to focus your attention.

I’ll show what needs to be done – and even bring in several influential trading friends to help you along the way.

After all, consider for a moment…

How often do you look around at other traders – those who seemingly “made it” – and wonder what’s their secret to their success?  

The difference isn’t luck.

So why then do some traders seemingly sprint to the top, while most struggle year after year just hoping the market doesn’t steal what little profit they occasionally make?

The answer is knowledge – and how that knowledge gets used.

You see, I coach people who get access to far more information than the average trader...

However, it’s not the classified, non-public market “secrets” you’re used to hearing about. 

In fact, these traders benefit in a way that I would argue is even more advantageous …

They use knowledge that’s been gained over decades of trading all types of market conditions – through the roaring ‘90s, the dot-com crash, 9-11, the housing crises and the rising uncertainty in today’s market. 

As such, they trade with a plan that’s proven to produce consistent profits, regardless of what the market does.

In effect, they play the market according to their own rules.

And since these traders are coached one-on-one, they trade with almost no stress and pocket profits with as much consistency as a prevailing wind.
A word of warning, though …
My private coaching isn’t for everyone.

The Trading Concepts Protégé Program is for a specific type of trader.

First off, if your objective in joining is to have me tell you when, where and how to trade every day, forget it - you won’t get past the application process.

My one-on-one coaching is for traders with an inner drive to be the best. 

Those who take direction and then implement like it's their job… 

Those who love trading … and...

Those who – above all else – love to win.

These characteristics are the foundation for The Trading Concepts Protégé Program.

Simply put, I put you in a position to make more money from the markets, trade with complete confidence and have fun every step of the way.

After all, trading can get lonely. You’re often at a home office, staring for endless hours at a monitor. And if you don’t have family support or like-minded friends, trading can be downright brutal (especially when you’re losing money).

So I only want people who love trading like I do. ..

I want people who don’t let excuses and market conditions get in the way of making money...

Those who don’t complain and believe in operating outside their comfort zone.

Listen, you’ve likely heard that your income is the average of your five closest friends’ income. I promise you this isn’t theory – it’s a fact is see over and over with my students.

Notice how the biggest complainers and those who talk about money problems are almost always broke?

It’s not by accident – thoughts and ideas are contagious.

Sure, staying on top of trading strategies and market conditions is important to your success. Yet do a better job of choosing who you hang out with and you’ll often see your income grow.
So get picky with who you spend your time with...
Today, with the exception of my family…

Nothing has been more critical to my trading success over the last 27 years than the knowledge and opportunities I’ve gained from friendships with accomplished traders and other high-wealth individuals.

So if you feel you have the trader characteristics I mentioned earlier, I invite you to apply for the Trading Concepts Protégé Program.
Here's What to Do Next:
At the bottom of this page, you will find a button to The Trading Concepts Protege Program.

The application process is free.

It has a few basic questions I'd like you to answer so we can get to know you a little better.

Please fill out this application completely with as much detail as possible.

If your application is approved, someone from my office will contact you to schedule a phone interview between you and my director of trading education.

If you are approved, you will become an official member of The Trading Concepts Protege Program and we can get to work on helping you achieve more consistent trading success.
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