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Inside this FREE video training, you’ll discover simple (and essential) tweaks for developing your edge, gaining an advantage and enjoying more consistent profits...
  • Not getting the trading consistency you want? These 4 questions will zero you in on what to focus on to achieve your edge. (Video 1)
  • What will make you more money? Diversifying your trading approach or focusing on one strategy that you can master? (Video 4)
  • The shocking key under your roof for building your edge... especially if you feel like you’re always chasing moves in the market. Try this tip and watch what happens next. (Video 5)
  • Why you don’t need to know what will happen next in the market to make money. (HINT: It's the same strategy some of the wealthiest companies in America quietly use to make millions.) (Video 2) 
  • Use this simple trading tool to analyze the markets with the same ease as reading a daily newspaper. (Video 3) 
  • Find your self making poor trading decisions?  Here's how to avoid this sabotaging problem forever (Video 6) 
  • If a single losing trade wipes out most (if not all) of your profits, then you’re among “good” company – about 90% of all traders struggle with this problem. Use this simple formula and you’ll see a steady rise in your equity curve. (Video 1)
  • The media constantly pushes economic “news” to the masses. How do you know when it’s valid and helpful for your trading – or just an unnecessary distraction? (Video 3)
  • Most people start trading without considering what fits their personality, temperament and time commitment. Use these 6 components to determine what market and time frames best match your characteristics – giving you the best chance at maximizing your profit potential. (Video 7)
  • The easy way to instantly keep yourself from trading too large of a position, while also allowing you to quickly compound your account. (Video 2)
  • How to use the same process professionals use to determine rules, results and corrections for any strategy. This cycle never stops, ensuring you always known when to adjust your trading approach to stack the odds in your favor. (Video 8)
  • You can be right on your trades only 40% of the time and still make a lot of money … as long as you can answer this one single question. (Video 1)
  • Why TV commercials kill your edge, especially if you’re a fairly new trader. Fortunately, you can negate this problem with one simple tactic. (Video 5)
  • Depending on what technical indicators you use, you could be unknowingly creating more confusion than clarity. Use this trading method and you’ll stay in sync with the market 100% of the time. (Video 3)
  •  3 powerful truths that will help overcome negative thoughts and prevent your emotions from driving your trading behavior. (Video 2) 
  • If you fail to match the promised results of your strategy, here's how you’ll fix your problem. (Video 6)
  • Looking for a strategy that makes you consistent profits but risks nearly nothing? Try this trading “trick” for making sure any new strategy works the moment you place your first trade. (Video 8)
  • Most people are not “wired” to think the way needed to become a successful trader. Here’s why actually being wrong on your trades can improve your performance. (Video 2)
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